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Trip to Catsburg Bluffs (Willie Duke Bluffs)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Alice Zawadzki, Ulana Stuart and Terry Leigh Britton revisited Catsburg Bluffs *(Willie P. Duke Bluff) off Hamlin Rd. by the Eno River and found some spectacular flowers for early April. There was an abundance of trout lilies of the americanum variety, along with pussy-toes, bluets, and many others!

You have the option of watching this in High-Definition, Full-Screen, but you will need a fast Broadband connection for it to work smoothly—click the 360p after starting playback and change the value to 720p, and then click on the full-screen button next to that one. This is very experimental even for YouTube to be doing high definition videos. So if it works, enjoy it. If not, soon they will have it working better. If the video just “spins” while it is downloading instead of playing automatically, try dragging the little slider to the right a bit and hit play again (or go back to 360p). The full-screen rendition of the pictures makes it all worthwhile, though!

I’m a little frustrated that the HD version doesn’t just work right off the bat every time. It seems sometimes to be waiting till the entire video is downloaded to my computer before it will start playing. Other times, it starts right up! Well, this is very bleeding-edge stuff. You saw it here first, at!!!

If you have a dial-up internet account, view in 360p or 480p for a lower-resolution playback. Otherwise you may have to wait half an hour for the entire video to download.

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