Plant Details

Dionaea muscipula

Venus Fly Trap

Scientific Name:

Dionaea muscipula

Common Name:

Venus Fly Trap

Plant Family





Size in Feet:

plant .2



Soil Moisture:


Bloom Time:

May - June

Bloom Area:


State Rank:

S3 - 21-100 Extant Populations - Rare or uncommon in NC (*)

Global Rank:

G3 - 21-100 Extant Populations - Rare or uncommon in the world (*)

State Status:

SR - Significantly Rare (*)

Federal Status:

SC - Special Concern (*)


This plant is endemic to an area in about an 80 mile arc around Wilmington, NC. It is frequently poached and sold to people who have very misguided perceptions about how the plant grows. Consequently most die.

You will find them in acidic, sandy soil that seems very dry but the water table is not far below the plant. They will die in continuously wet conditions.

Plants with buds


Tom Harville

Entire Plant with roots


David Blevins

This plant was confiscated from a poacher in NC and has been replanted into a protected area. Note: About half of this plant is underground so the root system is an inch or less below ground.


USDA PLANTS Database Record

NCSU Plants
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