2018 Grants and Scholarships

B. W. Wells Stewardship grants:

  • NC Arboretum Society to purchase native plants for the Plants of Promise Garden and new interpretive signage ($1000)
  • Rockingham County Naturalist Club to add native plants to the Chinqua-Penn Walking Trail near Reidsville ($1000)
  • Blue Ridge Chapter of NCNPS in collaboration with High Country Audubon to create a native plants demonstration garden at a school in Boone ($1000)
  • Arete Project at Arthur Morgan School and Celo Community for educating students as environmental stewards ($1000)
  • Greensboro Beautiful, Inc. to purchase native plants for the Bog Garden ($1000)
  • Catawba County Cooperative Extension to create a native plant pollinator display garden and educational curriculum ($1000)
  • Dilworth Community Association, Charlotte, for planting native plants in Latta Park ($850)

Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation grants:

  • Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association for a prescribed burn of Piedmont prairie community ($1750)
  • The North Carolina Coastal Land Trust to assist with the initial appraisal required to complete the purchase and protection of 5,400 acres located at Salter’s Creek in Carteret County ($3000)

Tom and Bruce Shinn grants ($1000 each) to graduate students for native plant research:

  • Katherine Culatta, North Carolina State University; “Taxonomy, population genetics, and status assessment of Nuphar sagittifolia (Nymphaeaceae).” Advisor: Dr. Alexander Krings
  • Laura Hamon, North Carolina State University; “Pollination ecology of Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula).” Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Irwin
  • Bryan Piatkowski, Duke University; “Systematics, molecular evolution, and functional trait variation in the Sphagnum magellanicum (Sphagnaceae) species complex.” Advisor: Dr. Jon Shaw
  • Ellen Quinlan, Western Carolina University; “Phylogenetic history and variation in water-use efficiency of mountain and coastal populations of Kalmia buxifolia.” Advisor: Dr. Katherine Matthews
  • Marietta Shattelroe, Appalachian State University; “Genetic diversity of Geum geniculatum.” Advisor: Dr. Matt C. Estep
  • Alexandria Szakacs, North Carolina State University; “Reconstructing the vegetation history of a Piedmont prairie remnant using soil phytoliths.” Advisor: Dr. Alexander Krings

Cullowhee Scholarship Program:

  • $2400 for five full scholarships for participation in the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference in July 2018
  • $2000 for 2018 Cullowhee Native Plant Conference and Vendor Sponsorship


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