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Looking to expand your library? Check out what books we have found handy. B.W. Wells described NC's natural plant communities and many of the wildflowers found in those habitats in his book, The Natural Garden of North Carolina.

As a part of our message to grow natives and avoid invasives, we created some visiting/calling cards to use at nurseries as you shop for plants for your garden. Leave cards when you can't find the species you are looking for, or when you find a species that should be avoided.

Are you looking for places to go to see native plants up-close and personal? Or are you looking to meet other like-minded people? If you are interested in learning even more about natives and invasives, peruse the many links to other websites of interest. There are also links on other subject matters such as butterflies, space, and how to pronounce those Latin names!

For a nice handout on propogating an increase of Bees and Butterfiles, download
"Native Plants for Bee Forage" or "Top Native Plants for Hummingbirds" by rignt-clicking those links and selecting "Save Target As" or "Save Link As..." or something similar for your browser. Please research your soil and light conditions to make sure the species listed will thrive in your garden/ecoregion.

Interested in Early Women Botantists? Here are some links:

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List of some Early Men Botantists
List of Books by and about Early Women Botantists