The Green Swamp and Boiling Spring Lakes

Saturday, August 14, 2010

a walk through the longleaf pine savanna and pocosin of the Green Swamp followed by a walk around Boiling Spring Lakes

this long-horned flower beetle has some appetite!

the thick leaves are fuzzy on the underside

can you spot the green lynx spider in this photo?

and hiding underneath are venus flytraps!

basal leaves

this evergreen shrub, Ilex glabra, is very abundant in the Green Swamp

note persistent flower bracts; leaves of the main node appear to be whorled

what a sharp transition! reflective of a change in the underlying soil composition

close-up of the flower head


on that note I’ll leave you until next time…THANK YOU to David McAdoo for being our fearless leader through the Green Swamp and Boiling Spring Lakes and introducing us to the beautiful native orchids of Brunswick County!

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