Plant Details

Euonymus alatus

Winged Euonymus, Burning Bush, Winged Wahoo

Scientific Name:

Euonymus alatus

Common Name:

Winged Euonymus, Burning Bush, Winged Wahoo

Plant Family

Celastraceae (Bittersweet Family)



Invasive Status:

Rank 2 - Significant Threat (*)



Habitat Description:

Suburban woodlands.


Native of east Asia, this planted is widely sold in the landscape trade, and is highly invasive.

Young Plants Showing Fall Color

It's perfectly plain why it would be a desirable garden plant - just check this autumn color!


Black Mountain
© MB Baumeister

Colony Showing Fall Color

Here is a young mother plant, towering over my head. Very pretty! Note all the teenage plants to either side, however. They also are mothers. :(


Black Mountain
© MB Baumeister


Here are the seeds in the autumn, all the little red ovals. The plants are full of them.


Black Mountain
© MB Baumeister

Invasive Infants

Marked with yellow in the photo, infants at the end of their first season, are only several inches tall. As far as I can tell every seed is good and all the infants healthy. I've never seen a dead infant other than the ones I pulled up and killed. The seeds go everywhere. :(


Black Mountain
© MB Baumeister


USDA PLANTS Database Record
Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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