Plant Details

Spiranthes ochroleuca

Yellow Ladies' Tresses

Scientific Name:

Spiranthes ochroleuca

Common Name:

Yellow Ladies' Tresses

Plant Family

Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)

Bloom Time:

September - October

Bloom Area:


Habitat Description:

Meadows and pastures at moderate to high elevations, up to at least 1500m in elevation. Dry to mesic sites.

State Rank:

S1 - 1-5 Extant Populations - Critically imperiled in NC because of extreme rarity or because of some factor(s) making it especially vulnerable to extirpation (local extinction) from NC (*)

Global Rank:

G4 - 100-1000 Extant Populations - Apparently secure in the world, with many occurrences (*)

State Status:

T - Threatened (*)


Rare. "Largely northeastern, extending south in the mountains to NC." Weakley Flora 2014


Found in meadows and pastures at mid to high elevations.


Stem and Leaves


Flower Closeup



USDA PLANTS Database Record

Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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