Plants listed alphabetically by scientific name.
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Scientific name Native / Alien (1)
Water Spider Orchid Blooms Water Spider Orchid Habenaria repens Native
Silverbel Blooms Mountain silverbell Halesia carolina var. monticola (=H. tetraptera var. monticola) Native
Witch Hazel Common Witch Hazel Hamamelis virginiana Native
English Ivy English Ivy Hedera helix L. Alien
Schweinitz's Sunflower Schweinitz's Sunflower Helianthus schweinitzii Native
Orange daylily Orange Daylily Hemerocallis fulva Alien
sharp lobed liverleaf Sharp-lobed Liverleaf Hepatica acutiloba (=H. nobilis var. acuta) Native
round lobed liverleaf Round-lobed Liverleaf Hepatica americana (=H. nobilis var. obtusa) Native
Camphor weed Camphor Weed Heterotheca subaxilaris Native
Heuchera Alumroot Heuchera spp. Native
Crested Coralroot Bloom Crested Coralroot Hexalectris spicata Native
Bluets Bluets Houstonia spp. Native
Appalachian Club Moss Applachian Club Moss Huperzia appalachiana Native
Spiderlily Spiderlily Hymenocallis crassifolia Native

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